Q: What is SonicLake?

A: SonicLake is a new music service
tailored to the needs of AV
content producers.

Q: Where can I use the
music I purchased from

A: Anywhere! Our
licensing terms give you
worldwide usage on the platform
you purchased the music for.


Q: How do you differ from

A: We use professional
composers who
understand how music and
moving image work together
– and who put their heart
into the music!

We also value your time:
as a content producer, you
should be inspired – and not
spend your work life browsing
through endless tracks
from a dull catalogue with
complex licensing terms.
SonicLake is designed to save
you time by offering curated,
quality solutions and simple
licensing terms.

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay single
song purchases with a credit
card. If you want to order a blanket license, please contact
us for further information.


Q: I can't find the track I
need. What do I

A: We're happy to help you
to find the perfect track.
Please contact us
for more information.

You can start swimming by
diving into SonicLake here!